Business Gifts for the Holidays

To keep your business at the top of your client’s mind,  you should send something small to all of your company’s clients at least once a year.  The Holidays are the perfect time to show appreciation for clients, employees and those who make your business run smoothly.

Here are some tips when considering Holiday gifts:

Sticking to your budget is crucial when it comes to a joyful, stress free Holiday.

To avoid overlooking anyone, keep a running list of clients and employees and check it carefully before sending out gifts or cards.

personalized business gifts

Consider personalizing your gifts

Consider sending a gift that serves as a marketing tool and a reminder of your products throughout the year.

Cash, Gift or Greeting Card?  As a general rule clients get gifts, employees or service providers can receive cash or gifts.

Personalized gifts, with your clients name or company name,  are always a big hit

After spending time and money to choose the perfect gift for a client, the last thing you want is for the recipient to open up a broken mess.  Make sure you properly pack and ship your gift.

In addition to your clients, employees have come to expect at least a small token of appreciation from their employer at least once per year. This often takes place during the holiday season or at the end of the year.

Be sure to check out United Products  full line of  promotional and business gifts including customized clocks,  magnetic photo frames,  cell phone stands,  engraved paperweights,  perfect for your clients or employees.  Looking for a specific promotional item ?   Call uNew Picture (1)s 888-681-1588 – we are sure we can create it for you.


Organize, Don’t Agonize

filled carouselWhen it comes to getting organize, we all panic.  Sometimes the very thought of the task can seem overwhelming and daunting.  Most experts agree that when you want to tackle a large project, start with simple steps.   Remember the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time”.

For your home a great place to start is organizing your  bathroom closet or countertop.   Lets reduce that task to a even a more manageable step,   beginning with your makeup.  Let’s face it – beauty products are not inexpensive so keeping them preserved  is important.  In addition the steps you take now to organize your products will help you save time in the long run.

Our Cosmetic Carousel is a new and innovative design. Instead of just moving your cluttered items from a messy, unorganized drawer to a metal, bulky, and disorganized container, our revolving carousel is lightweight and extremely durable that will separate your beauty products and accessories neatly and effectively.

The Cosmetic Carousel is a two-leveled organizer with round holders engraved into the material. This allows you to place more of your items on the carousel without worrying about them falling over and breaking. The Cosmetic Carousel also has a neat and convenient cylinder in the middle of the two levels,   handy for holding your brushes, keeping them separated and less contaminated.  The center cylinder can also be used for hairbrushes, combs, and any other items otherwise lost in your drawers or lying on your counter tops.

The Carousel is available in two sizes: small and large. The primary  difference between the two products is  the small Cosmetic Carousel is better suited for smaller items, where as the large Carousel is perfect for those who own larger products and need the extra space to hold them.

In addition to the Cosmetic Carousel, we offer a Nail Polish Carousel. This product is manufactured in small, medium and large. The small Nail Polish Carousel can hold up to 24 nail polish size items in total.

All  United Products, LLC  items are made of highly durable acrylic plastic. Standard colors are white and black, however custom coloring and designs are available by contacting us.

Displaying your Bakery Items

round lilipop display

Appealing and creative merchandising makes a huge difference in sales!

Running a bakery business is hard work, typically with many hours spent preparing product for baking..  Here are some practical and useful tips for merchandising your bakery products.

Display Cases

Bakeries typically use display cases to show their products to their customers.  Depending on the product, you can select a dry bakery display or a refrigerated one.



Display Stands

In addition to the typical bakery display case, many products are better suited to tier food display stands,  display pedestals, and cake stands.   All make your items more noticeable and appealing to customers. acrylic cup cake

Create a Visual of Abundance

Whether its chocolate chip cookies or fresh baked bread,  baked treat looks better when displayed together.  When your bakery case has only a meager selection of items, it looks less appealing.  Make sure your case is stocked and use props such as mirrors and small baskets overflowing to give the illusion of abundance.



Make sure you include signage near your baked goods to let your customers know what is making their mouths water.

Keep Everything Spotless

Keeping things neat, clean and fresh is essential. There should be no visible stains or excess crumbs.  Use fresh wax paper or tissue paper under your bakery items so everything looks as fresh as possible.

5 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand

Product # 5TACS

Whether your having a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special event in your life, this 5 Tier Acrylic  Cupcake Stand is the perfect find as a focal point for your dessert table.  Since each tier is clear, your eyes can easily glide over every single beautiful, delectable morsel of cupcake finely displayed for all to see.  It truly lets all your scrumptious cupcakes stand out. 

Measuring approximately 17 inches in height and holding approximately 60 cupcakes, it still says ‘look at me’ while being a great choice for a more intimate affair.  The smallest tier measures 6 inches in diameter with each subsequent plate increasing in size by 2 inches, with the largest tier measuring 14 inches in diameter.

top tier 6″, 2nd Tier 8″, 3rd tier 10″, 4th tier 12″, 5th Tier 14″


Each tier or plate is separated by a 4 inch rod that screws into each plate for a very secure fit.  There will be no worries about the stability of this cupcake stand.

Some of the best features of this stand is that it is easy to take apart and put back together.  Assembly literally takes minutes but the statement it makes lasts forever.  And if that isn’t already making you think  ‘I’ve gotta have this stand’ you’ll be excited to know that they are easy to clean making them a show piece you can use time and time again!