2 Tier 2 Pocket Brochure Holder

Product # BHP22007

This literature holder will increase sales, enlarge your customer base, and increases brand recognition.  This brochure pocket will keep your flyers, pamphlets and catalogs organized and display in a distinguished way.  You can also display the single and multi-pocketed literature displays near your products as advertisement.  They will help with informing the customers of the product details.

This pamphlet pockets has more display slots, this is useful to have different brochure displayed at the same time.  Retail stores can use this literature holder as advertisements for upcoming sales.  The countertop pockets and pamphlets can be put in an area so that the customer can see the pamphlets and become interested in what they are reading.  The literature display will drive sales up.

Acrylic brochure holder with 2-pockets, 2-tiers for 4″w brochures.


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