Condiment Organizer

Product # BCT612

Save space with this vertically designed condiment organizer with sections to hold most condiments.   To conserve space, it features an upper section capable of holding all your items. The condiment bin has a bottom section with four bins to hold tea packets, sugar, artificial sweetener, and non-dairy creamers. You will save valuable countertop space in your hotel, cafe, or catered event.  For lasting durability, this condiment bin is made of strong ABS material.  Made in the USA

Self serve condiment bin stand set with 7 bins is a must have, space-saving addition to any coffee shop, convenience store, concession stand, or office break room.

The condiment holder stand with bins is great for coutertop use, or can be easily mounted to a wall to hold sugar packets, coffee creamers, straws, crackers, coffee stirrers, jelly packs, souffle / portion cups, disposable utensils, or condiment portion packets.

The condiment caddy stand set is made of durable polyethylene, and measures 9″ wide x 12″ deep x 10″ high


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