K Cup Organinzer Double

Product # CBKD89

This Unique K cup organizer.

This acrylic bin for retail is designed for holding store merchandise in an easy to access manner.  Each container is filled from the top and dispenses contents at a bottom opening.  This acrylic bin for retail that is for stores is the ideal shape and size for holding bulk merchandise.  This dispenser would benefit any supermarket, convenience store, gas station, craft shop, café, or even waiting room.  Just fill the case with k-cups and place it next to a coffee maker in any salon or doctor’s office to keep customers happy while they wait.  This acrylic bin for retail that holds bulk items is equipped with two compartments.  Each side of the display has the ability to hold different kinds of goods so they do not become mixed, such as flavors of k-cups or different colored beads for crafts.  This acrylic bin for retail that has two compartments is designed to be stackable with multiple units. It is easy to create a multi-layered store fixture by placing these containers on top of each other. This acrylic bin for retail, also known as a merchandising display, links together so it will not easily be knocked over.



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