Table Top Lectern

Product # POD11005

Overall Unit: 27″ W x 19″ H (back) 13.5″ (front of reading surface) x 11-3/4″ D Top Desk Working Surface: 27″ W x 14-3/4″

A plexiglass lectern, acrylic podium provides a speaking platform for a church or meeting room. This acrylic podium sits on any table top, convenient, can be placed anywhere.    The acrylic podium, such as plexiglass lectern or clear pulpit has rubber feet under the base to prevent this acrylic podium from scratching tables while moving it around.

A plexiglass pulpit, acrylic podium is assembled with a clear bonding agent. This bonding agent essentially molds the pieces of acrylic together so that they become like 1 solid piece.  Specializing in plexiglass furniture pieces, we are most certainly one of the best in bonding clear acrylic in the furniture and display industry. This is one of our best sellers.


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