Acrylic 3 Section Candy Bin

Product # RSCB1009

Made from clear acrylic for easy visibility. Slanted interior to make the contents more easily accessible for your customers. 17 5/8″ W x 8″ H

This plastic candy bin, often referred to as, an acrylic food dispenser, is a beneficial display for any company, restaurant, office, store, or cafeteria. This acrylic display is not a recommended dispenser for loose snack items. This is a plastic candy bin that is open so it should only be a dispenser for sealed products. Since this display is not enclosed, loose products would go bad. This plastic candy bin is designed so the items can be retrieved with ease. These acrylic containers also work well for a small retail merchandise display. This plastic candy bin can be used as a k-cup display. This acrylic dispenser is also ideal for a condiments display in a food setting. This plastic candy bin can be bought as a 1 or 2 section dispenser as well. These displays will work well in any setting.


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