Stackable Candy Bin Middle

Product # RSCB1011

Middle candy bin

Stackable Bin SB12S – Middle Bin (With Scoop Holder)

6 ½” wide X 12” deep X 7” high, holds appx. 7lbs of candy

Rubber feet to prevent slipping, custom sizes available

These stackable candy bins can be a bulk food display as well. These containers can hold a variety of products. These are stackable candy bins that are great containers to dispense bulk items. The acrylic displays can hold pre-packaged and as well as loose bulk goods.

These are stackable candy bins that can display a variety of items. These containers can work in a bakery, ice cream shop, candy store, grocery store, or retail store. These stackable candy bins are made durable to withstand years of use. These displays can easily be cleaned and are lightweight so these are easy to move around an establishment


Quantity discounts available