24″Acrylic Pedestal

Product # WPED110624H

24”H  x 15” base and top. 1/4” thick material.  5-sided with open bottom

An antique showcase, pedestal case is an economic choice for displaying antiques, special collections or new products. This pedestal case is superbly crafted from acrylic  to add an elegant touch to your displayed items. this pedestal case is handsomely crafted from clear acrylic with smooth beveled edges and seamless perfection for guests or visitors to view the item from every angle. This pedestal case, also known as an acrylic showcase is great for use in galleries, retail displays, lobbies or residential use.

This pedestal case, called an antique showcase and an acrylic display, protects collectibles from dust and dirt while allowing you to display your item safely in the pedestal case. This pedestal case is suitable for displaying jewelry, fine china, figurines, model cars, antiques and other collectibles.


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