Displaying your Bakery Items

round lilipop display

Appealing and creative merchandising makes a huge difference in sales!

Running a bakery business is hard work, typically with many hours spent preparing product for baking..  Here are some practical and useful tips for merchandising your bakery products.

Display Cases

Bakeries typically use display cases to show their products to their customers.  Depending on the product, you can select a dry bakery display or a refrigerated one.



Display Stands

In addition to the typical bakery display case, many products are better suited to tier food display stands,  display pedestals, and cake stands.   All make your items more noticeable and appealing to customers. acrylic cup cake

Create a Visual of Abundance

Whether its chocolate chip cookies or fresh baked bread,  baked treat looks better when displayed together.  When your bakery case has only a meager selection of items, it looks less appealing.  Make sure your case is stocked and use props such as mirrors and small baskets overflowing to give the illusion of abundance.



Make sure you include signage near your baked goods to let your customers know what is making their mouths water.

Keep Everything Spotless

Keeping things neat, clean and fresh is essential. There should be no visible stains or excess crumbs.  Use fresh wax paper or tissue paper under your bakery items so everything looks as fresh as possible.