Product #  4HPM434

The  Hamburger Mold  is made from FDA approved UHMD material .  The Patty Mold   has been designed to make it easy for customers to use.  Simply add the hamburger meat into the 1/2″  thick  round 4-1/2 ″ dia to make a perfect 1/2 lb hamburger.  It can quickly mold up to 4 identical sized 1/2 Lb hamburger patties with very little time and effort.  A restaurant with a wide variety of customer needs will obviously find it useful while at the same time saving money. Customers will be able to enjoy nice looking high quality burger. It is thus important to look for various type of the food products you can make with this appliance.

Uniform Burgers

Nearly everybody understands the dominance of burgers on the menus of their restaurants. What most of them don’t know is the effect of a freshly and cleanly cut hamburger meat has on customers.  Most people have begun to understand that the taste of beef is better when molded.  When the burger looks fresh, looks symmetrical, cooks evenly and tastes good, that is what invites  customers back to your place.

Also can be used to make uniform Fishcakes Patties

Food products with an aquatic origin have become dominate in the market. One good example of that are crab cakes. Have you tasted them? With such a high demand food, restaurants need to creatively ensure that these products are available anytime and in the required shapes and sizes.  With the help of the Patty Mold  in the kitchen you will be able to stack numerous crab cakes within minutes. You’ll always have a true 4 inch patty for you customers. What will wow you most is the uniform manner in which this Pattty molds food products.




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